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  • Sport Cars Precision Autobody of Southeast Texas has years of craftsmanship and experience needed to repair your damaged sports car, foreign or domestic.
  • Import Cars We can provide auto body repairs to virtually any type of import car. From Smart cars to Mercedes Benz.
  • Trucks Auto body repairs for Fords, Chevys, dodges and even those big old FREIGHTLINERs.
  • Motorcycles & Four Wheelers We can fix those dents and dings in motocycles and four wheelers.
  • Suv’s Has your SUV or Hummer collided with another vehicle? We can fix it.
  • Domestic Cars If your car has been a victim of bodily mayhem on the road we can help.

When you're in a wreck make sure you go to an Appropriate/ Certified Repair Shop — and not to a Direct Repair Facility owned by the Insurance Company.

  1. Approved Shops or Direct Repair Facilities work for the insurance company not you
    Insurance Companies with Repair Shops negotiate a pre-set rate to repair your vehicle. Many times repair shops will do the bare minimum to repair your vehicle to maintain their profitable relationship with the insurance companies. The strong arm tatics of some Insurance companies have caused a few legitimate Body Shops to refuse to do work for their clients because of the substandard repair request that the insurance companies make.

  2. OEM Parts are best
    Original-equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are designed to fit your car perfectly. Insurance Companies prefer to use generic or salvage replacement parts because they're significantly cheaper. If the accident is your fault, you could be bound by wording in your policy that lets the insurance company use Non- OEM parts. But if accident is someone else's fault, tell the shop to use only OEM parts. We have also found OEM parts to be safer for you and your vehicle as well.

  3. Cars are often done sooner or later than what was estimated
    Always call the Body Shop to make sure the car is actually repaired before you go there. Many times the due date is fictional and only a guide line. We have found that many times clients will show up to pick up their car and the vehicle is still waiting to be painted. In General, Body Shops will take on more business then they can handle.

  4. Rental Car Reimbursement
    Many times an adjuster for an insurance company will ask the insured to put their rental car on their credit card with promises of reimbursing them once the car is repaired. This can be a problem because often the reimbursement does not always happen and rarely for the full amount that was owed or promised. Typically, Insurance Companies will have an account with certain rental car companies and they can facilitate the rental car without your out of pocket expense.

  5. The insurer's warranty
    Insurance Companies sometimes dangle an elusive warranty on the parts to entice you to go to their direct repair shops. But, what the insurance company fails to tell the consumer is that most body shops have a much better warranty which guarantees the repairs for as long as you own the vehicle.

  • Repairing a 2003 Tiburon

    Replacing the passenger door on a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon that has had the door smashed in to the point where the window could not be opened. The finished job. Looks like a new car. The paint is matched and then the entire car is washed and cleaned.

  • Trailer Painting

    When Doug Reedy needed his trailer painted for his new company, FloodMasters, Precision Autobody was where he went to get the job done.